Mediation and Divorce Service helps couples create solutions and end in peace.


Divorce is tough on everyone involved. The legal process itself is a hardship. A couple who hires attorneys and goes to battle in trial, will spend tens of thousands of dollars on fees alone. Emotions ride a roller-coaster. Children often suffer the worst. Money is spread thin.

There is a better way.bird-157558_640

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Mediation works.

Mediation works
mediation works
Mediation works
mediation works

Moving Forward

In mediation, the parties agree to work out a mutually acceptable settlement. All sides and issues are heard before deciding what to do. The mediator stays neutral and keeps the parties focused on the work at hand. This balances out the power and helps tremendously.

Solve Problems

With legal procedures to guide them, the parties can proceed to a settlement that both have crafted together. Custody and property division are included in final papers filed in court. The mediator assists in preparing and filing papers. In many cases, no court appearance will be required.

The Rewards of Mediated Divorce

The rewards are less stress, less cost, and the hope of rebuilding lives and families. Mediated divorce is a legal self-help process. Both parties must buy in and participate. It is also a confidential process, in accordance with CA law.  Click here for complete CA code that covers mediation,

Avoid a Costly Battle

The average divorce in CA (2015) cost $17,500 including $13,800 in attorney fees and took an average of 15 months. For processes with custody of minor children, the average cost was $26,300 including $22,600 in attorney fees. This doesn't even consider the human costs. Children of the family often suffer the most. Income is stretched thin. (source: