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Judy M. Reyes, Mediator, Legal Document Assistant and Notary Public

I've been a Legal Document Assistant since 2012 and Notary Public since 2008.

I had a long successful career, but I felt increasingly stymied by lack of opportunities to use my unique skill set. When my boss got fired and I was left stranded within the bureaucracy, that was the final straw. This is when I realized that I wanted to become my own "boss" and take control over my work life. So I started as an independent Notary Signing Agent for loan documents, working part-time evenings and weekends. Eventually I found the path to my own full-time business, combined with a departure from Sacramento and state government work.

I Love My Work Because...

  • I work directly with people to solve problems or prevent problems in a complex legal system. This lets me use my best administrative and customer service skills daily.
  • I can be in business AND benefit people who otherwise might not be able to afford or access the legal system. That's a win-win that is so satisfying to me.
  • The "buck stops here." I am empowered to create the systems and make decisions I need to be successful.

When I'm Not Working

dog and catUS Post Office in El Verano, CA






I've lived in Sonoma CA since 2011 with my husband Terry Mahood, after we both left our State of California jobs. We have family in Sacramento, Southern California, Connecticut and West Virginia. I grew up in Los Angeles.

I collect vintage cookbooks. My pets are an English Bulldog named "BeauBo" and a rescue cat named "Oliver." And I like to sing in community choruses.

My guiltiest pleasure is eating a chiliburger at original Tommy's whenever I go to L.A. (at Rampart and Beverly).

I'm a book lover who dreams of travel adventures to explore the world. In 2015 I went to Ireland on a wonderful tour of the Wild Atlantic Way and Dublin.

Work and Education Background

  • 30 years of administrative work for managers and executives
  • Public agencies, health care, personnel, and non-profits
  • Paralegal Certificate from University of California, Davis
  • B.A. (UC Berkeley) and M.A. (Sonoma State Univ.)


Quality | Integrity | Trust | Reliability | Respect | Balance |Serenity


Music | Singing | Art and Design | Good Coffee | Mexican Folk Art, Crafts and Culture | Animals | Pets | Gardening


  • Legal Document Assistant, Sonoma County, LDA# 50, expires 9/30/20
  • California Notary Public
  • Livescan Operator (CA-DOJ and FBI) fingerprint service


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