The Prince and The Paper

Coffee and Sunday PaperPrince, who died this year, was eccentric. Apparently, one of his eccentricities was his unwillingness to deal with estate planning, despite his huge personal wealth.

I Love My Sunday Paper

My own quirkiness pales next to The Purple One. But, I am infamous for reading my Sunday newspaper front to back, with its treasure trove of news, ideas, fun (Parade Magazine, NYT crossword puzzle, comics), analysis, local events, and opinion. Furthermore, it’s got to be the print version, with cups of coffee on the side table to help digest the words. In the e-world, I am resolutely and oddly attached to my printed newspaper.

All I know is just what I read in the papers,and that’s an alibi for my ignorance. – Will Rogers

“The Color of Money”

One of my favorite columnists is Michelle Singletary (“The Color of Money). I love her stories about her grandmother, “Big Mama” who raised her and taught her about financial responsibility. In Ms. Singletary’s columns and books,she writes about personal finances, building security and making good decisions about money. It seems that financial and legal matters often overlap, and her columns contain sensible advice about both areas.


Last weekend, I found an ironic gem in Ms. Singletary’s column (printed in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on Christmas Day, 2016). Her column was titled “Top 10 Money Stories of 2016.” One of her top stories was about Prince. I’m quoting her verbatim:

7. Prince died. Prince Rogers Nelson once wrote “slave” on his face to protest a music deal that left him without ownership of his music. But, the “Purple Rain” artist, an icon in the music business, who died at age 57, didn’t have a will.
The lesson: Listen to Prince’s “When Two Doves Cry.” Then, imagine your heirs crying and screaming over your stuff. Is that the financial legacy you want to leave? If not, get a will.  (Emphasis added).

‘Nuf said.

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